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Making CHM files work on network drives

My blog information about CHM security on this page remains correct. Recently though I have learned of another solution that does not require any registry edits. Tim Green of Help and Manual explains how it works on their support forum. The

CHM Security

Never ending story – CHM security … Following link may help some admin’s because well described: http://tinyurl.com/ylkdbza

HHC.exe command process hangs indefinitely

Having all the needed files to compile a chm, but when you run the hhc.exe command, the process hangs indefinitely. We learned that some Windows updates caused the hhc.exe to unregister itself. A batch file that re-registered the server .dlls for

Converting WinHelp projects to HTMLHelp

HHPMod is a software tool created by Sid Penstone for converting WinHelp projects to HTML Help format. It rewrites the project created by HTML Workshop to restore the original Context IDs and the context-sensitive support files. As a result of

ms-its jumps with target bug

When the user clicks an ms-its jump that includes a target in another CHM file, the topic appears at the correct target location, but the css styles are not applied and the graphics do not appear. Clicking refresh loads the

XAML displayed in a CHM help file

Just want to have some XAML graphs displayed in a help topic and rather have them in a vector format seemed to be a problem. One request was that the user can see without having to install additional plugins (as needed

HHReg available in English and German

HHReg, a popular free HTML Help registration utility designed by EC-Software has been updated to version 1.2 and now comes with a dual-language binary that contains English and German. HHReg is designed for end users and security is a critical issue! For