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Old WinHelp (WinHlp32.exe) for Windows 7

WinHlp32.exe is required to display 32-bit Help files that have the „.hlp“ file name extension. To view .hlp files on Windows 7, you need to install this application. Sure preview at: http://preview.tinyurl.com/WinHelpDownloadWindows7

Converting WinHelp projects to HTMLHelp

HHPMod is a software tool created by Sid Penstone for converting WinHelp projects to HTML Help format. It rewrites the project created by HTML Workshop to restore the original Context IDs and the context-sensitive support files. As a result of

WinHelp32 for Vista now available

WinHelp32 Download for Vista (32bit and 64bit versions) is now available on the Microsoft Download Center. With this release, Vista customers can now install the WinHelp application on their system and securely view .HLP files on Windows Vista. This release

WinHelp32 Engine

Some good news on the Windows Vista / WinHelp front. Microsoft have now decided that Longhorn users can download the WinHelp32 engine. Originally MS indicated WinHelp would not work on Windows Vista at all. Its official. The notice has been

Vista and WinHelp

At the Fourteenth Annual WritersUA Conference to be held in Palm Springs, California, April 9-12, 2006 the MVPs have learned that the WinHelp viewer will not be downloadable either. The WinHelp engine will not be included in Microsoft Windows Vista.