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Choice of Help System

WinHelp is a bit outdated and you may ask for a newer system which is a good replacer for WinHelp. Try the successor to WinHelp, HTMLHelp 1.x, which uses HTML topic files and provides an API for some programmatic access. HTMLHelp can

How to create MS Help 2 Placeholder

Nikolay Dobrev posted a nice artical on how to create what he calls MS Help 2.x place holders. That is a base collection that you can plug / unplug all your other collections into, and so keep your companies H2 docs

The Future of MSDN Help

April Reagan’s thoughts on the future of the MSDN Library (local help), an often ignored, but critical feature for many developers. April also talks about her ThinkWeek paper that Bill Gates commented on, talks about the two big priorities for the

XAML displayed in a CHM help file

Just want to have some XAML graphs displayed in a help topic and rather have them in a vector format seemed to be a problem. One request was that the user can see without having to install additional plugins (as needed

HHReg available in English and German

HHReg, a popular free HTML Help registration utility designed by EC-Software has been updated to version 1.2 and now comes with a dual-language binary that contains English and German. HHReg is designed for end users and security is a critical issue! For

WinHelp32 for Vista now available

WinHelp32 Download for Vista (32bit and 64bit versions) is now available on the Microsoft Download Center. With this release, Vista customers can now install the WinHelp application on their system and securely view .HLP files on Windows Vista. This release

General Availability of Windows Vista including AP Help 1.0

Microsoft has released Windows Vista to manufacturing in anticipation of a November 30 business launch and a wider January 2007 launch to consumers. Vista includes the new Assistance Platform Help 1.0 with content for the Help and Support Center. Only

BDD 2007 released (AP Help SDK)

Within Business Desktop Deployment 2007 (BDD 2007) is the AP Help SDK. This is primarily for integrating Microsoft and OEM help content into Vista Help. It is not recommended for general use. BDD can be run on Windows XP but

Windows Vista RC1 and AP Help 1.0

Just one week after shipping a surprisingly stable, full-featured, and bug-free pre-Release Candidate 1 (RC1) version of Windows Vista, Microsoft released Vista RC1 to the public. And in the days and weeks ahead, an astonishing number of people will be

New Microsoft Help Team

There is basically a new team in charge of help now and they probably don’t have the same timeline as before. But keep watching. We believe AP help will happen eventually. After all it is the core help shipping with